We spend more time taking care of our Active Directory, looking after the File servers, SQL servers, etc. but end up neglecting the Exchange environment. Exchange is a Black Hole to network admins until the email communication is disrupted and it is time to fix. Maybe Exchange Reporter Plus can help? Like most Microsoft software, while they are great and easy to use, logs everything behind the covers, it lacks reporting and dashboard functionalities. We need tools that can track and report on various exchange events, provide real-time auditing and monitor the Exchange server. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus (ERP) shines the light on your Exchange environment regardless of whether you are on-premises or in the cloud, all from a web-based dashboard.


Let’s go over few main aspects of Exchange Reporter Plus:


  • With over 80+ prepackaged reports, you can schedule regular reports and get all the necessary data you’d need to optimize your organization’s Exchange setup
  • Reports include – mail traffic statistics & analysis report, mailbox size growth rate, server usage pattern, and other important data reports
Real-Time Auditing
  • Real-time auditing allows you to act proactively to make sure your Exchange health is up to the mark
  • With ERP, you can track and report on various Exchange events such as Mailbox logons, Mailbox permission change, Mailbox Properties change, Exchange health, audit changes in real time, OWA, etc.
  • ERP monitors Exchange Server, Database Availability Group (DAG) and Exchange Database, mailbox size, services, email queue, etc.
  • Provides a broad overview of monitoring the Exchange Server (versions 2010, 2013, and 2016)
Exchange Reporter Plus guarantees the experience of better security and full awareness of any unauthorized mailbox login attempts and changes made to your mailbox permissions. With one look at the reports, you get a clear picture of what needs to be done next. It not only helps you manage and secure MS Exchange and the mailboxes but also simplifies your organization’s complete IT environment.
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