It is very common for organisations to have applications and other data needing to be analysed and maintained regularly. One of the most common problems is having too much data residing in multiple data silos.

The following are the disadvantages that come with having multiple data silos:

  • Hidden insights – Inability to achieve comparative analysis of data, due to the lack of clear visibility caused by multiple applications.
  • Poor time management – Team members analysing data, waste a great deal of time tracking data across various silos.
  • Duplicate data analysis – Higher chance of team members analysing and working on similar data, due to the lack of visibility they may have when accessing different data silos.
  • Lack of collaboration – Different teams assigned to work on particular data silos resulting in a lack of effective collaboration.

To find a resolution for these disadvantages, organisations must unify insights across their multiple data silos. This helps them compare their important data. The organisation gets more visibility of the activity in their IT environment.


data silos


This goal can be achieved with ManageEngine’s Analytics Plus. Analytics Plus is a self-service, advanced analytics tool that pulls data from out-of-the-box integrated solutions and represents this data in a unified granular perspective.

Analytics Plus grants effective data analysis with the following features:

  • Granular dashboards – A group of detailed reports on a single dashboard, can be created with reports from multiple data sources. Analytics Plus allows you to Import from web feeds, spreadsheets, and files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML etc. It even imports from cloud drives such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive within seconds – without the need for technical expertise such as SQL knowledge.
  • Zapier integration – Integration with Zapier can also be achieved with Analytics Plus. This allows you to import data from over 500+ applications that are already used in your organisation for unified reporting and analysis.
  • Relational data analysis – Achieve blending of similar tables with common columns and get a coordinated view of two or more tables and achieve cross data analytics from a single view.
  • High-octane formula engine – Analytics Plus includes a powerful engine helping organisations to analyse their data more deeply by achieving in-depth KPI analysis by using mathematical, statistical, and logical functions to build calculated metrics and KPIs.

Real-world feedback: “Using Analytics Plus, we have successfully moved from manual reporting to a seamless, fully automated, all-in-one reporting console. We can now sync data from several IT applications, create reports, and view results in just half the time” – Happiest Minds Technologies

If you’d like to know more about how Analytics Plus helps achieve these benefits in your IT infrastructure, reach out to the ManageEngine NZ team at