It’s that time of the year. When most of the office staff have gone on holiday and a few of the IT team stay to support the skeleton crew. They tidy up systems and do the odd jobs that couldn’t be done during the year.

One often underlooked task is tidying up file shares and servers within the organisation network of ROT (redundant, outdated, and trivial) and duplicate data.

In order to reduce or keep storage costs in check, this task should be done yearly. But what if you have 10s or 100s of TB of data, all scattered across multiple file shares?

Is there a quick way to have this odd job ticked off in time for the start of the new year? And ensure the job is easily repeatable, so it can be performed on a yearly basis?


DataSecurity Plus


With ManageEngine’s DataSecurity Plus, the answer is yes!

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a unified data visibility and security platform that performs file auditing, file analysis, data leak prevention, data risk assessment, and cloud protection.

DataSecurity Plus allows you to –

  • Search across your Windows file servers and file shares for ROT data, as well as files containing sensitive personal data such as PII, PCI, and ePHI. This helps you understand your data better.
  • Quickly spot violations of your organisation’s storage policy, such as employees storing media files and files exceeding a particular size.
  • Eliminate storage redundancy by periodically scanning file servers for duplicate files, and deleting these copies right from the dashboard.
  • Receive alerts for low disk space and reveal which junk files can be deleted.
  • Purge non-business and obsolete data automatically, with data retention policies built around your organisation’s file creation trends.

Want your file shares and servers cleaned up, so you can have a care-free summer? Contact us today!