In any organisation, there are many computers that contain confidential information that needs to be kept secure. To ensure this information is secure, it is vital to encrypt the sensitive content within computers, preventing non-authorised users from having access.

The Windows’ native encryption tool, BitLocker, helps to effectively secure your digital data. With BitLocker, computers are encrypted so that it is accessible only to authorised users. To set up BitLocker for individual users, it can be manually enabled. However, when it comes to organisations, it can get very time-consuming and tedious to manually set it up across all the computers in the network.


What organisations need is software that allows them to effectively manage BitLocker for multiple machines. This can be achieved with ManageEngine’s Endpoint Central – Bitlocker management add-on. The BitLocker management add-on allows IT admins to efficiently configure BitLocker encryption settings and effectively monitor the encryption statuses of all managed systems across the network, from a single console.

Here are some of the features that can be achieved when using the BitLocker management add-on:

Centralised management: BitLocker drive encryption, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and additional protector settings are efficiently managed from a single console for all computers within the network.

Deployment of granular policies: IT admins can set multiple configurations. This creates flexible policies to match their organisation’s specific encryption requirements.

Extensive monitoring: IT admins have access to detailed reports from audits, providing a quick summary of the encryption policies that are applied to computers in the network. This ensures IT admins have clear visibility over their network, allowing them to conveniently analyse the BitLocker encryption statuses of all the systems in their organisation.

Like to know more about BitLocker management? It is available via ManageEngine’s Endpoint Central. Please reach out to to find out more.