As cloud solutions become mainstream, many organisations are now migrating from their on-premises Active Directory (AD) to the cloud-based Azure AD. Adoption’s been helped along, given remote working is now so commonplace. The announcement that Microsoft will build an Azure data-centre in New Zealand – also allays worries about data sovereignty.

Here are two solutions that will make an IT admin’s life easier, when working day-to-day within an Azure AD environment.

O365 Manager Plus

O365 Manager Plus is an extensive O365 tool for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing and creating alerts for critical activities.

The user-friendly UI lets you easily manage Exchange Online, Azure AD, Teams, OneDrive for Business and other Office 365 services – all from one place. This allows you to perform actions not possible in the native O365 admin centre, such as bulk user/mailbox management, automation workflows and delegating access to helpdesk technicians without allowing full admin access.

On top of that, another key feature of O365 Manager Plus is the advanced auditing and reporting module with over 700 reports available from the get-go, including compliance reports.

Examples of key reports:

  • Exchange Online Mailbox Reports: track mailbox size, attachment size, inactive mailboxes, OWA user logon details etc. using the mailbox reports.
  • Mail Traffic Reports: identify the top e-mail senders, receivers, spam/malware receivers to be secure.
  • Azure AD Reports: get the complete list of users, security groups, distribution lists in your Azure AD environment.
  • OneDrive for Business Reports: tab user activities on files in OneDrive for Business with reports on file uploads, downloads, modifications and more.


Azure AD


M365 Security Plus

For those requiring more stringent security and compliance auditing, M365 Security Plus is the solution for you.

While O365 Manager Plus focuses on the management aspect, M365 Security Plus helps fortify and protect Microsoft 365 environments. It provides an exhaustive list of audit reports to monitor various user and admin activities. M365 Security Plus helps you stay on top of service outages, with around-the-clock monitoring of the health and performance of Microsoft 365 services. You can also configure custom alert profiles, to receive instant email alerts for critical events / security breaches.

Advanced security features like content search, allows you to search emails for personally identifiable information (PII), insider information, and malicious content. Automated search schedules also ensure email security, compliance, prevents data leaks and security breaches.


Azure AD


ADManager Plus – for hybrid environments

For those juggling a hybrid environment (on-prem AD as well as Azure AD), ADManager Plus helps you manage both ADs in one console. It syncs any changes between the on-prem and Azure ADs, allowing you to enjoy the same features you’ve been using on-prem, in the cloud including:

  • Manage O365 accounts for AD users i.e. reset passwords, block/unblock accounts, configure MFA, etc.
  • Assign, remove or replace licenses for O365 users in bulk.
  • Bulk Group, Contact and Calendar management via CSV file.
  • Automated O365 reporting.

Already have ADManager Plus but didn’t know about O365 integration? Have a closer look at the features here.

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