The current pandemic is fueling great demand for remote working throughout organisations. Firms today need to operate to the highest standards, to ensure employees work from home without difficulties. For IT departments in particular, remote access is vital. They should be able to seamlessly support and troubleshoot employees’ computers located anywhere.

With ManageEngine’s Remote Access Plus, you can now ensure employees receive the necessary support with ease.


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What is Remote Access Plus?

Remote Access Plus is enterprise software that helps system admins / IT help desk technicians simplify their troubleshooting routines remotely, from a central location.

Remote Access Plus lets you…

  • Connect: Connect to any computer in your organisation, no matter where they are located.
  • Detect: Examine computers effortlessly and help identify issues to their root cause.
  • Collaborate: Seamlessly collaborate with your fellow technicians when troubleshooting.
  • Rescue: Resolve issues quickly with the powerful tools available with Remote Access Plus.

Some of the tools included in Remote Access Plus are:

  • Advanced Remote Control: Remote control using a web-based remote desktop connection tool to access, troubleshoot, and diagnose computers irrespective of the location or time-zone across Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems.
  • System Manager: Achieve granular control over the computers in your network, to access command prompt, registry, files, and more.
  • Voice & Video: Initiate voice, video, or text sessions with any employee’s computers, to help them troubleshoot any situation step by step.
  • Wake on LAN: Enable IT technicians to boot their computers remotely with a few clicks.
  • Remote Shutdown: Remotely shutdown, lock or put computers to sleep, to ensure only the necessary computers are running in your organisation.
  • Powerful Reports: Gain a granular perspective of the different remote tasks that are performed in your organisation’s network.

If you would like to know about Remote Access Plus, and how its tools benefit your organisation, please reach out to the ManageEngine NZ team at