Bluebeam Revu is a PDF solution built from the ground up by people in the AEC industries. Revu goes beyond a mere PDF solution. It’s a tool that keeps teams on the same page through the entire design process. It helps move projects forward during construction, and preserves important project data to completion and beyond.

The good news is that Revu has been designed for collaboration between teams of people. Their unique Studio Projects and Sessions (included in every edition of Revu) is a cloud based collaboration tool. Everything that is discussed and agreed, is tracked through the mark up of plans or documents. You can also use Sessions offline, so people not being available isn’t a barrier. Bluebeam has a number of useful training videos here if you need to learn how to use these tools more effectively.

If you need to work from home on a different computer – no problem. Simply back up your settings (tool sets, profiles, preferences) to a portable drive or cloud location, then restore those on your home machine. Visit here for the step-by-step guide. Your stamps are stored separately but can also be backed up and restored – visit here for instructions. This means your time-saving tools are still at your finger tips despite a change of location.

Licensing – do you have spare Revu licenses for your employees’ home machines? If not, you can download a 30-day trial here and use that in the interim. If it’s longer than 30-days, move the license from the work machine to the home machine. A guide to do this is located here.

When life returns to normal, follow the above steps to export your updated settings and stamps and bring them back to your work computer. Changes you’ve made while working from a different location are transferred back.

Have questions about Bluebeam Revu?  Reach out to our team