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We are proud to introduce the H-TEK range of IP Phones in New Zealand. H TEK is a phone manufacturer based out of China that offers value for money, and direct integration with 3CX Phone System for Windows. The phones can be provisioned directly from 3CX’s administrative interface, without the need for additional templates. The phones can also register to a standalone SIP provider by using the provider’s username and password to connect.


The phones use a proven industry-standard chipset from Texas Instruments. All of the phones offer HD Audio on the handset and speaker phone, support the standard range of codecs including G711a, G711u, G722 and G729, and have the capability of network pass-through. All phones require power by PoE switches and they do not include power adaptors.



The models available are summarised below:


  • UC803P: 2-line PoE, 132×64 graphic LCD, 5-BLF and 2-line Keys – RRP of $102.31 ex GST
  • UC840P: 3-line PoE, 480×320 TFT-LCD Colour Screen – RRP of $117.69 ex GST
  • UC842G: 3-line PoE, 480×320 TFT-LCD Colour Screen, Gigabit Capability – RRP of $133.08 ex GST
  • UC860P: 4-line PoE, 480×320 TFT-LCD Colour Screen, 14-BLF keys – RRP of $158.72 ex GST
  • UC862G: 4-line PoE, 480×320 TFT-LCD Colour Screen, 14-BLF keys, Gigabit Capability – RRP of $184.36 ex GST


More in-depth information on these phones can be found at: http://www.h-tek.com/product.php?t_work_cid=7.


H-TEK is a part of our VoIP family of solutions that also include:


3CX Phone System for Windows: An award-winning software based IP PBX that replaces a traditional hardware PBX with an open standard, easily manageable IP PBX. It allows companies to cut call costs with the 3CX Phone clients for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android whilst at the same time increasing productivity and mobility within companies. Call Center capabilities and CRM capabilities are available in the Pro version. A virtual server edition is available for resellers wanting to host multiple customers off one server.


Grandstream Networks: Grandstream Networks, Inc. is an award-winning designer certified manufacturer of next generation IP voice & video products for broadband networks. Grandstream’s products deliver superb sound and picture quality, rich telephony features, full compliance with industry standards, and broad interoperability with most service providers and 3rd party SIP based VoIP products including 3CX. Grandstream have also developed an on premise IP PBX solution and more recently have released a game changing video conferencing solution.


For any further information on products in our VoIP portfolio, please contact our VoIP team at voip@sofsol.co.nz.


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