Grandstream’s mission statement is “Connecting the World”. True to form, they have released their latest range of Personal Collaboration devices. The initial release features Grandstream’s first webcam offering!




The GUV3100 Webcam features broad compatibility across major third-party platforms, apps, softphones, and IP phones. This Full HD USB webcam supports 1080p, 30 frames per second real-time video. It records clear audio via its dual integrated omni-directional microphone array, with a 1-metre pickup range. The base of the camera offers a rotating bracket for easy mounting on monitors, laptops and televisions. It also includes a standard mount adapter for simple tripod setup.

The GUV3100 is the perfect companion for remote workers, video collaboration, video conferencing and more. Applications supported include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Meetings, Grandstream Wave, Counterpath’s Bria softphone, 3CX softphone, etc. Setup is as simple as positioning the camera, plugging in the USB cable and selecting it as the video source in your application of choice.

The GUV series is a timely release, given the increased demand for webcams across the globe. The units are an affordable option, featuring broad compatibility with existing audio / video solutions. Expect an unboxing video to be released soon on our Soft Solutions YouTube channel. Stay tuned (and also give that subscribe button a good thump). To know more about the GUV series, reach out to our team today!