The increase in remote workers as a result of COVID-19 has created a surge in cybercrime, driving organisations to look for cost-effective ways to add Zero Trust Security to their existing environments. We all realise networks face elevated security risks, especially now that organisations have doubled-down on VPNs to connect their newly-remote workforces to the apps and data they need. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals out there always come up with ways to thwart standard IT security defences such as VPNs and Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFW). Hence the need for a Zero Trust Security Model.


Introducing Ericom Application Isolator.


Ericom Application Isolator delivers key Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) controls that make applications / resources invisible to hackers managing to somehow penetrate a network. This prevents lateral movement attacks. It also limits access for authenticated users to only the specific applications they need, thereby reducing the risk of insider-attacks. The lightweight software seamlessly integrates with existing VPN and NGFW infrastructures, and leverages patent-pending advanced machine-learning capabilities to simplify deployment and use.


New solution capabilities announced include:


  • Application/Resource Cloaking – makes corporate applications and resources invisible to users without proper permissions. Users connect to the network as usual, either while at the office or remotely using their VPN client, and Ericom Application Isolator enforces least-privileged access policies. Authenticated users with valid permissions have no change in their user experience.
  • Automatic Access Policy Creation – simplifies the process of establishing per-user remote (North-South) and internal (East-West) secure access policies. The solution’s patent-pending Auto-Policy Manager automatically generates per-user (or group) access policies based on network traffic analysis over a configurable time period. Manual adjustments can be applied as needed to quickly define and deploy least-privileged access policies for the entire organisation.
  • Integrations with leading VPNs and NGFWs – leverages an organisation’s existing investments in VPNs and NGFWs to accelerate their move to Zero Trust Security. The solution can be deployed quickly, does not require any new agents to be installed, and operates with the gateways and VPN clients of leading vendors, including Check Point, Forcepoint, Fortinet, OpenVPN, and more. The software also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to authenticate and authorise users while they are in corporate offices accessing internal resources. The current list of supported integrations is available on Ericom’s website.
  • Activity Reporting and Monitoring – gives IT professionals visibility into application and resource access and use. It allows for policy verification and ongoing learning and adjustment of policies based on observed usage patterns, and can be used to meet internal compliance and audit requirements.


Pricing and Availability


Ericom Application Isolator is available in two editions, Standard and Advanced. The Standard Edition is free, and the Advanced Edition, which includes additional features and capabilities, is priced at just $42 per user, per annum. Visit to learn more and download the software. Also reach out to, should you have any queries.


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Ericom Application Isolator