One of the hottest topics within the unified communications industry (or VoIP) this year has definitely been WiFi voice solutions, with the technology expected to become a main unified communications deployment option for businesses all over the world. For those who aren’t familiar with the technology, Grandstream has put together a blog post to help you understand it better. The post covers what the below:

Why it’s so powerful: Most offices already have fast WiFi, so it would be smart to take advantage of an already existing network that uses the same backend SIP services that a wired VoIP network would use.

Advantages over traditional deployment options: There are a lot of advantages to WiFI Voice, one of them being mobility. So as long as there is WiFi the phone will work and compared to the range of traditional wireless VoIP hardware, the difference is very noticeable.

How you can build your own WiFI and Voice Solution: There’s now no need to mess around with wires, with WiFI voice it’s easy as connecting the phone to the same network as your PBX  and you’re good to go!

There’s so much more to WiFi Voice and you can read the full post on the Grandstream website. Once you have seen the benefits, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Team to discuss your requirements for the WP820 Grandstream WiFi Cordless IP Phone.

The VoIP landscape is always changing and it’s good for businesses to get on top of the latest solutions. Make sure your environment is up to date and running as efficiently as possible.

You can learn more about our VoIP solutions on our blog.

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