Integrate other solutions, for better IT automation and ticketing control.

Thanks for using ServiceDesk Plus. You may not know of three integrations available, to boost its functionality. For a limited time, not only can you get extended trials of these new solutions – you also qualify for a 5% license rebate.

What does ServiceDesk Plus integrate with?

1. AD Manager Plus

Integrating with this solution helps Active Directory (AD) admins / help desk techs efficiently manage AD user account data from both applications. Your staff complete actions quickly in AD, reducing the copying of data from ServiceDesk Plus into AD Manager Plus’ forms.

Helpdesk techs can create AD user accounts, reset AD users’ passwords, enable / disable / unlock AD user accounts, manage file server (NTFS) permissions and more – right within ServiceDesk Plus.


NZ clients include: Government ministries / departments, armed forces, local councils, DHBs, supermarket chains, national insurers, construction companies, large-scale manufacturers, utilities.


Overseas clients include: CISCO, Symantec, Comcast, General Electric GE, Alcatel Lucent, IBM.


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2. Desktop Central

Desktop Central’s integration with ServiceDesk Plus automates monotonous desktop management tasks. This includes installing software / patches / service packs on Windows workstations and servers, visible on your ServiceDesk Plus network. You can also execute scripts for a user or workstation.

Tasks now possible:

  • Execute patch updates to system from ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Perform complete Mobile Device Management tasks from dashboard.
  • Auto-generation of tickets for Help Desk Requests.
  • Install / uninstall software applications directly from console.
  • Perform remote control functions such as file transfer, recording session, etc.
  • Track and update asset data into CMDB.

NZ clients include: Government departments, local councils, utilities, city ports, telcos, marketing execution, training organisations, dairy farms.


Overseas clients include: IBM, XEROX, Unicef, Honda, IKEA.


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3. OpManager

OpManager is network and data centre infrastructure management software. It helps large enterprises, service providers and SMEs monitor their infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively.

Integration with OpManager allows technicians to log critical alarms raised in OpManager, as tickets in ServiceDesk. They then track those tickets to remediate, while maintaining ITIL standards.

Automated workflows, intelligent alert engines, configurable discovery rules, and extendable templates enable IT teams to setup a 24×7 monitoring system within hours of installation.

NZ clients include: Government ministries / departments, armed forces, local councils, law enforcement, travel agencies, charities / non-profit, and investment companies.


Overseas clients include: DHL, NASA, Alcatel Lucent, AT&T, SIEMENS, TimeWarner Cable, Loreal.


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Kris S is ManageEngine’s Solutions Delivery Manager in NZ. He’s happy to help explore the right ServiceDesk Plus integration, to achieve your goals. He’ll also explain how extended trials work, and how to qualify for your 5% license rebate. Book a 30-minute consult now.