Get 2x your RMM spend, to use on security products.*

And we’ll beat your current RMM price too!

Unleash your MSPs growth potential, with N-able’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution.

It gives you the ability to discover and monitor more devices from more companies – from a single dashboard. For a limited time, we’ll also double that RMM spend with credit to use on a range of security products.

RMM that scales with you

N-able‘s RMM lets you:

Onboard faster, to manage complex networks

Streamline day-to-day operations

Get out-of-the-box automation and drag-and-drop scripting. Too easy!

Forms a fully integrated, layered security solution

RMM spend
RMM spend

Stack your security

Protect your customers’ data, people and infrastructure further. Use your bonus credit on:

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) - defend against ransomware, zero-day attacks and advanced threats

Anti-virus - check for security patches and automatically deploy to endpoints

Backup - recover your data quickly on virtual and physical servers, databases, workstations, documents and M365 data

Passportal - create, store and control users’ access to devices, networks and applications

How credits are calculated

Your committed monthly spend on all products on the initial contract, is multiplied by 2. This amount is then available for use on security products.

Example: commit to $500 of nodes. Get $1,000 worth of security products for one year

RMM spend
RMM spend

Security products included

N-able‘s EDR, AV, PassPortal, Backup qualify.

Security credits must be set on the ENTIRE Product Group on the initial purchase for the entire term

Example 1: cannot count Backup Server in the Committed Value and apply a Security credit to Backup MS365

Example 2: cannot swap security credits mid-term between SKUs

Note security credits automatically expire upon termination of the original contract or the initial term. Partners must downgrade to have these removed, prior to Year 2 if they do not wish to continue.

Security products’ pricing

Soft Solutions will confirm your Security Suite’s pricing on the initial deal, including Year 1 pricing (using credits) and Year 2 pricing (once credits expire).

All pricing is always subject to a pricing increase by up to 5% per annum

Aston Martin
Aston Martin

We’ll beat your current RMM’s price!*

Tempted but unsure about switching costs? N-able will beat your current (competitor’s) node pricing. You must be a new N-able RMM customer (N-able Backup or Passportal customers are also eligible).

Please note:

Only existing contracts will be beaten, not quotes

Competitor's contract must be supplied when submitting

Quantity committed with N-able, must match competitor’s contract at a minimum

Price beat is only eligible for subscription pricing. Maintenance and support for perpetual licenses are not included


Get 2x your RMM spend

To use on security products! Complete the contact form, to learn more.

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* Terms and conditions:

  • Security credits and node price beat is applied for 12 months. After which normal pricing applies.
  • Promotion runs from 1 September – 31 December, 2021.
  • Minimum commitment of 100 nodes for RMM, or $500 for N-central.
  • Price beat is only for RMM node pricing. A platform fee is charged on top.
  • Promo is valid for anyone who hasn’t transacted on RMM or N-central, since 1 June, 2021.
  • Security credits cannot be applied to an existing SKU (e.g. an existing Backup customer signing up to RMM, cannot use security credits on Backup).
  • Partner do not need to use up 100% of the security credits, they can commit to any amount but must be finalised when submitting the deal.
  • Remaining terms and conditions can be found here.

Example 1 – MSP commits to 500 nodes at $2 each. Monthly commit is $1000 and they choose to spend their $2000 to use on EDR, Backup Server and Backup Workstation.

Example 2 – MSP commits to 500 nodes at $2 each and AV at $1 each. Monthly commit is $1500 and they choose to spend their $3000 to use on EDR and Backup Server.