Enter the NEW Challenger!


Tuesday evening at the Cordis in Auckland, was a great one. StorageCraft’s Sales Director was in town, in partnership with his New Zealand team to share a story with the channel around a brand new technology that has been under wraps for many months. Lots of new faces, lots of familiar ones as our channel community and our team stood, waiting with a heightened enthusiasm to see what rabbit StorageCraft were about to pull from their famous hat of ground-breaking Backup technologies. As the drinks flowed, the anticipation slowly built. Murmurs in the increasing crowd spoke of some people getting access to BETA versions and how immediately impressed they were.


The lights were dimmed, the noisy bustle settled. A quick introduction of staff and the formalities of thanking those that made the time to come out and join us all for the launch party… and then it was revealed; ShadowXafe, OneXafe and StratoXafe. Three BRAND NEW Technologies from StorageCraft set to change the game in backup for SMB’s and Mid-Market contenders right across the country. Onto a breakdown of some key features. Wow! They weren’t joking, when they said it would allow resellers to sell to customers they would have never thought of as an option before. Enter the new challenger!


Here’s what we know…


ShadowXafe – the next generation in backup software, from StorageCraft.


ShadowXafe is designed from the ground-up and is the ultimate collection of easily managed, deployed, configured and administered microservices. All your backup requirements are amalgamated into a single, core platform, called OneSystem.


The ‘Data Protection Services’ deliver storage access and data protection procedures including backup, restore, replication, and storage. Agents are adapters for protecting physical servers and virtual machines (VMs) to deliver higher SLAs. OneSystem is the management framework that orchestrates and manages the activities within Data Protection Services. The communication protocol that ties this all together is open standard Google Remote Procedure Calls (gRPC).


Key features? Here we go…


  • AGENTLESS / Host AND Agent-Based protection
  • Boot backup images as virtual machines in MILLISECONDS, called ‘HYPER-RESTORES’
  • AUTOMATED and advanced re-verification of backup images along with INFLIGHT verification ensuring absolutely reliable backup images
  • Context-sensitive, POLICY BASED administration and configuration
  • A highly INTUITIVE and responsive ‘all-in-one’, SLA driven dashboard
  • Seamless VMware integration, with Hyper-V waiting in in the wings
  • Tight INTEGRATION directly to the hugely popular StorageCraft CLOUD Services, for one-click DRaaS
  • Completely orchestrated ONE-CLICK failover
  • The highest deliverable vendor SLA’s available today


A hot new dashboard that brings all of the above, into a single pane of control – see below!



ShadowXafe is currently targeted at customers running VMware environments. We’ve been told Hyper-V and non-virtual systems are already tightly integrated into their agile developed roadmap, so are expecting rapid releases. We’re also told that the new architecture allows them to continually inject functionality into ShadowXafe without taking the core product offline.


We’ve seen many evolutions from StorageCraft, but have never seen anything like this. This really is the game changer, the product the channel has been waiting for to win bigger deals and deploy across more complex environments, whilst delivering stronger SLA’s to their customers. ShadowXafe is the solution that brings a level of technology that makes it true competition when you’re up against the older, stagnating, legacy solutions.


We’re excited and our systems are ready to quote. Are you ready? Contact our team to get your hands on what you need to change your game! Whilst you’re at it, pop by this link to check out the datasheet, with more information on the release! The new challenger has entered the ring, are you ready for it?


Jason Gass
Phone: 09 306 0458, Mobile: 027 430 3474, E-mail: jason@www.sofsol.co.nz