As IT resellers and service providers migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, WatchGuard is right alongside, helping deliver best-in-class security to their clients.

WatchGuard is already known for their easy to use and deploy cloud-based solutions like Secure WiFi and Authpoint. The recent February updates now bring Firebox Policy Management and Network Configuration to WatchGuard Cloud. This makes it easy for resellers to configure multiple clients on different networks. This allows them to continue delivering the high level of security expected, while spending less time on process and administrative tasks.

WatchGuard cloud

Policy Management

Creating policies and VPN deployment is now easy and simple. With pre-configured policies for content filtering, VPNs, network inspection and scanning services – you can get up and running quickly – and securely. Policies can be built off-line and deployed when the time is right, so you can make changes and build policies in advance. You can also create policy templates for easy, repeatable deployment across many locations, and make changes in bulk.

WatchGuard cloud

Network Configuration

You can now easily define and configure network segments, creating new VLANs to keep things like VoIP systems or IoT devices separate from your business-critical applications. That’s security best practice. You can also set up complex SD-WAN policies that use dynamic path selection to choose the optimal path for your traffic, all within WatchGuard Cloud.

With the excitement around these new features and the control they bring, don’t forget about the existing features that already make WatchGuard Cloud the go-to method to deploy and manage a Firebox:

Rapid Deployment

No need to send your team to the customer’s site! Zero-touch deployment is fully built into WatchGuard Cloud, enabling you to get your Fireboxes up and running in minutes – not hours. You can even schedule and deploy the latest firmware updates outside of normal business hours, to minimise disruption for your customers.

Demonstrate Value with Granular Reporting and Visibility

You can better demonstrate the success of your service delivery, by sending pre-scheduled or ad hoc reports to your key stakeholders. Topics range from threat trends, to bandwidth usage, to compliance status and much, much more.

This feature set exemplifies how WatchGuard is continuously developing, to make it easier for resellers / service providers to deliver best-in-class security for their customers.

Interested in simplifying how you manage your clients’ network security, over multiple sites? Contact us to see how WatchGuard Cloud keeps network security simple!