We’ve found a common query from our resellers when it comes to VoIP training. This is a two-fold query as is, not only for the resellers themselves but also their customers. Soft Solutions’ regularly travel the country for the larger training seminars, however this is targeted at the channel for technical certifications rather than the end users. The gap this leaves is the customers who are using their sparkling new system after initial setup and for the foreseeable future. They will have come from an outdated legacy PBX system which often is operated differently. We’ve been championing 3CX to the channel for many years now and each version gets more advanced.  With this we have developed exceptional in-house expertise both when it comes to advice and support. With this knowledge and experience we can effectively teach users how to use the system effectively.

We have had great success in running the 3CX academy training in more intimate smaller sessions. A more intimate and personalised training allows for more interaction between the attendees and the trainer which leads to more confidence in asking questions that may not be aired in a larger classroom style training. This can also allow for a reseller or end customer to have their live system for use during the training which gives the added bonus of reviewing any potential problems they may have faced with it, or to glance over settings to see if best practice is being correctly utilised. Additionally, they may have a potential opportunity on the horizon that can be discussed with the Soft Solutions trainer for advice around call-flow, deployment, etc.

Outside of the academy style training we also can bring value to your end user customers in sit down sessions. We cover off how to use the soft/web client phone for answering calls, the difference between a blind and attended transfer and how to perform them, setting presence and forwarding rules for their extension and how to use voicemail on the new system (i.e. Why is my phone blinking red and how to stop it?). Generally, we like to have the key contact (involved with the 3CX install project) from your company for the end users account and a product champion present for this. What’s a product champion you may ask? We generally find there is always that special someone within an organisation that just “gets it” or is excited around the new system. The benefit of the product champion being present for each small group session allows further knowledge reinforcement of the system for after the sessions have concluded and staff can approach them for a quick refresher or questions. Group size will always be dependent on the size of the company but generally we have found having the key contact, product champion and 2 – 3 attendees is a good fit for session size as it allows for a conversation, rather than a dictation of how to use the system.  Remember no question is a silly question it is just a pathway to gaining further knowledge to become more effective and efficient.

Do either of these sessions sound like a fantastic option for you? Reach out to our Do either of these sessions sound like a fantastic option for you? Reach out to our VoIP team today for pricing and to lock in a session!