Monitoring file changes and safeguarding critical data is one of the major security risks that organisations face. The lack of visibility and inability to track changes to file servers can leave organisations vulnerable to major security risks, particularly due to how difficult they are to detect.

Whether it’s caused by negligent privileged users or deliberate leaks by insiders, data breaches and critical file activities require a solution for instant detection and response.

Data Security Plus

What is Data Security Plus?

With ManageEngine’s Data Security Plus, File Change Monitoring can be achieved. You can now safeguard your critical data with confidence.

Some of the key features of File Change Monitoring with Data Security Plus include:

  • Real-time auditing: access to detailed real-time reports on failed and successful file access attempts.
  • Detect accidental changes: monitor unintentional file changes such as files moved and files changed, to ensure they are recovered to their original state.
  • Track suspicious user activity: regularly track file servers to detect any out of the ordinary activity that may take place.
  • Identify users with failed access attempts: identify potential unauthorised activity by identifying particular users who have multiple failed file access attempts and eliminate insider activity.
  • Monitor important file activity: set specific thresholds to get notified on events categorised by their severity.

If you would like to know more about achieving successful File Change Monitoring with Data Security Plus, please reach out to the ManageEngine NZ team at

Data Security Plus