Every day, organisations of all sizes face network security threats from hackers. While Anti-Virus software and firewalls are a great way to secure your business, typically businesses neglect an important part of security, that is log file management. The very purpose of IT security is to be proactive and make life difficult for anyone to who tries to compromise your network. This is where log data really benefits you. Whilst keeping a track of logs for your on-premise servers is very much important, we usually neglect log management for our Cloud servers. In this blog, we will see how easily you can manage logs and monitor them for your public cloud platforms.

ManageEngine Cloud Security Plus is a web-based cloud platform log management solution, that collects log management for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure cloud platforms and Salesforce. It collects CloudTrail logs and S3 server access logs from your AWS environment, Azure activity logs from your Microsoft Azure environment and reports on login, search, content, and user activity from your Salesforce account.

Few Benefits of Cloud Security Plus –

Azure log management

  • Fetches Azure activity logs via the Azure Monitor REST API to generate reports on who did what operation on your resources and when
  • Built-in reports offer awareness on changes made to network security groups, virtual networks, application gateways, virtual machines, DNS zones, databases, and storage accounts.

AWS log management 

  • Recovers and uses AWS CloudTrail logs and S3 server access logs to detect malicious activity in your AWS environment
  • Export pre-defined reports in PDF, CSV, XLS and HTML formats

Salesforce log management

  • Get reports on login, search, content, and user activity from your Salesforce account

Real-time alerts

  • Prioritise alerts so you can directly focus on critical events
  • Set automated notifications via email when suspicious activities and security threats occur

Efficient log search

  • Execute a full-text search or search individual fields, ranges, etc.
  • Look through the entire log message


A fully functional installation of Cloud Security Plus is hosted at http://demo.cloudsecurityplus.com. Try the product to monitor your public cloud environment.




Contact the ManageEngine New Zealand Team now to find out how you can secure your cloud.


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