Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular public cloud providers today. Over the years, AWS’s services have expanded from cloud computing to application development and security.

However, some of the most common challenges are:

  • Proactively monitoring service levels, processes running in your AWS environment, and costs of your AWS implementations.
  • How to avoid paying for additional metrics in CloudWatch and ensure cost-efficient monitoring of your cloud instances.
  • Tracking critical AWS cloud monitoring metrics such as CPU usage, network traffic, throttled requests, latency, throughput, read replica, health status, subscription count, etc.
  • Addressing performance anomalies by obtaining a dashboard view of break-down of system errors, user errors, failed requests, etc.

Applications Manager’s cloud server monitoring is a cloud monitoring tool that ensures robust monitoring of a host of core AWS services.

It helps you to achieve seamless AWS cloud monitoring by:

  • Ensuring smooth cloud application monitoring by receiving instant alerts when real-time performance values don’t conform with user-defined set of baseline values. Drill down to root cause of issues and automate corrective actions.
  • Demystify cloud performance monitoring by visualizing utilization and growth trends, analyzing performance stats, and planning capacity with ML powered reports.
  • Gain holistic view into all your cloud and on-premise application tiers and automatically correlate events by mapping inter-dependencies between applications, services, processes, and cloud components.

Supported Amazon Web Services include:

  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3, EBS & SNS services
  • Dynamo DB
  • Aurora

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 Dhruv Patel | Senior Pre-sales Solutions Engineer