Every business should have a business continuity plan to ensure protection from disaster, and having the right Disaster Recovery software can assist in that significantly. Kinetics Group is a premium IT support provider for the SME market, they do not sell hardware or software but do use them to deliver services to their customers. Kinetics Group has been subscribing as a Managed Services partner with Soft Solutions for around five years, and at the end of 2017 added StorageCraft to the list of solutions they use in their services. I spoke to Bill Lunam from Kinetics Group to see how StorageCraft solutions became a part of their service.

When speaking to Bill he said that Kinetics had used multiple backup and recovery solutions over the years, so they decided to swap over to StorageCraft products. “StorageCraft offers the dependability, versatility, ease of deployment and monitoring that we need to meet our client’s needs” mentioned Bill when explaining why StorageCraft works for Kinetics. As Kinetics doesn’t sell the software but uses it in their services, it is essential that the software does what it is intended to do. Bill said that “Technically the products are very sound” and went on to say “We also appreciate the architecture of the solutions. It gives us the freedom to customise while retaining the integrity of the overall solution”. So, as well as having the technical aspect, StorageCraft also offers the flexibility and customisation abilities that allows Kinetics to provide the type of service they would like.

Kinetics had been using StorageCraft in their services before they began sourcing it from Soft Solutions, so in late 2017 they moved their account and 100+ keys from the OEM via their RMM provider to a StorageCraft MSP account managed by Soft Solutions. “The move to Soft Solutions reduced our product cost be 10%,” said Bill, “It also reduced our lead time to new deployments by removing licensing barriers we had been experiencing”. As Kinetics had been using other products from Soft Solutions in their services for a few years, they knew our team and understood how we do business. “In IT you need clients to have faith in you, and that means you need to work with people that you can trust.  Soft Solutions are always upfront and honest about their products” was how Bill explained why Kinetics was confident in moving their StorageCraft MSP account to Soft Solutions. Now that it has been around eight months since the swap over, it’s good to see a positive response to the move.

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