Keeping businesses in contact is a big task, but that is a challenge that Ufone relishes taking on. Based out of Auckland, Ufone has an expertise in everything VoIP and are continuously supporting and up-skilling their partners to ensure that the end customers are getting the best service possible. Ufone keeps everyone in contact using the PBX that is feature rich and a proven performer, and a leader in the IP PBX market called “3CX”.

I recently contacted Tina from Ufone to see why they originally chose 3CX as their solution for delivery to customers.  Ufone started using 3CX approximately 4 years ago and it has become a key part of their business. When researching IP PBX’s, they found that 3CX had all of the key features they required for it to be the right product for them. “We liked that there was a softphone and mobile app that came with it, that’s one of the reasons why we chose it”, said Tina, when explaining how 3CX became one their core solution products.

Ufone utilises their own SIP infrastructure which has been interop certified through 3CX and endorsed by them as the “Preferred” SIP provider so for IT administrators it couldn’t be easier to connect, just a couple of mouse clicks and it’s done! Ufone’s sales and deployment of 3CX have been going very well over the past 4 years with substantial growth specialising in nationwide multi-branch deployments.

Being 3CX Platinum Partners with Advanced Certified Network Engineers means they do not need to use our technical support team very often to assist them but did mention how “Aaron was a great rep, very helpful and knowledgeable”. Aaron is no longer with Soft Solutions but was the driving force behind launching 3CX to Ufone and all customers in NZ, our knowledgeable team have continued on with the growth and development of the 3CX Brand in NZ.

To find out more about 3CX get in contact with our sales team today!