2018 is coming to an end quickly and what better way to finish it than by making Q4 your strongest sales quarter yet! 3CX, the industry-leading IP PBX solution, has compiled a group of sales tools and materials so you can reach that goal of finishing the year off strong. These selling tools are designed to help you get a head start in the sales process and secure more customers. They are highly recommended to be used by anyone who is wanting to push their 3CX sales and what better time than now to push ahead for a strong finish in 2018 and be prepared to hit the ground running in 2019.

Topics covered are below, make sure to read through them to ensure you finish the year on a high!


Selling ToolsCreating your Pitch

With this tool, it covers all the important questions and considerations you need to know when creating your pitch. Learn more.


loudspeakerKey Selling Points

The benefits of 3CX – What makes 3CX stand out from their competitors? Present these key selling points to your customer to show them why 3CX is the best PBX on the market! Learn more.


DemoingDemoing 3CX

Use their demo script for your initial presentation – help customers learn more about the product and give a live demo of the PBX. Learn more.


TargetSelling 3CX like a Boss

The ultimate 3CX Partner checklist! Everything you need to do and know to become a 3CX selling machine. Learn more.


These materials (selling tools) are completely free for you to use at your disposal so what are you waiting for? Become a 3CX top seller today! If you aren’t already registered as a 3CX Partner you can do so here.