How to optimise WiFi deployments

Did you know the first WiFi network dates back to 1971? ALOHAnet utilised a UHF antenna array, as there were no frequencies for computer to computer communication in the 70s. It paved the way for the more modern 802.11 protocol in 1997, that had a whopping speed of 2...

3CX and the art of the Simultaneous Call

There is a famous carpentry proverb that states “measure twice and cut once”. The idea behind the saying is to emphasise accuracy when cutting materials. This makes sure time and resources are not wasted during a project. Accurate measurement and planning are keys to...

StorageCraft Channel Update

OneXafe Solo’s launched!   Great news. StorageCraft’s Plug-and-Play Data Protection solution is now available. Designed for smaller, simpler environments – it streams data directly to StorageCraft’s Cloud Services. It uses the same ShadowXafe data protection...

VoIP Channel Update

In this update: 3CX version 16 - update 5 Grandstream - loyalty price tiers 3CX WebMeeting capacity extended Coming out of lockdown with 3CX Our most recent webinars Latest tips and tricks 3CX technical certifications Case studies - local stories to share? Marketing...

Never pay the ransom with StorageCraft

Ransomware attacks are still on the rise. It has evolved into a highly lucrative business for organised crime syndicates. IT security vendors alone, cannot absolutely guarantee the protection of clients’ data from ransomware attacks. Make sure you never pay the ransom...

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