One of the daily tasks for an IT admin is user provisioning and user de-provisioning. Although this sounds very straightforward, there are few other tasks that need to be performed to fully set up a user account. The first step for the IT admin is to configure an AD account with an Exchange mailbox that has the right permissions, and in order to get this done the IT admin would need to login to the Exchange Management Console. Now that the AD account and Exchange are fully set up, what if the user needs an Office 365 account or a Skype for Business account connected too? In order to configure that, the IT admin now needs to jump to the admin center of O365 and Skype for Business so they can create an account for that user. In this example, the IT admin had to jump between 3 different consoles to fully setup one user. What would the IT admin do if he had to fully setup 10 users in one day? Sure, PowerShell scripts can ‘do the job’, but at what cost? Often the cost of extensive scripting is prolonged work hours.

Every network administrator would have contemplated at least once in their lifetime on how to automate common Active Directory tasks, especially user account creation/provisioning and de-provisioning! You can save yourself from the repetitive task of creating, testing and executing unending lines of PowerShell scripts for provisioning AD user accounts, all with the help of ADManager Plus.

ADManager Plus is a simple, hassle-free web-based solution for all your Active Directory management needs. It allows you to automatically provision/de-provision user accounts at a fixed schedule. With the help of Automation, you can:

  • Provision your user’s AD account, Exchange mailbox, Office 365 account, Google Apps account and Skype for Business account in one single step.


  • Modify group membership

modify group

  • Automate AD Cleanup

automate ad cleanup

Automating user provisioning is not just about a batch file running at a scheduled time churning out hundreds or thousands of user accounts, It’s beyond that! ADManager Plus allows you to configure an ‘Approval Workflow’ system for each automation, this is so the automation has to go through a hierarchy of approval processes. You can configure ‘Reviewers, approvers and an executor’ for each specific automation.

Following are few other features that ADManager Plus offers:

Download ADManager Plus today and get a 30-day free trial! If you have any questions feel free to contact our ManageEngine Sales team.