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Arcserve is a world-renowned brand in the data recovery industry, providing businesses of all sizes the disaster recovery solution they need!

Soft Solutions became the first distributor of Arcserve in New Zealand in 2008 with the intention of providing New Zealand businesses an easy way to protect data in case of any disasters.

Soft Solutions also strives to add value around all services we provide to our partners, this can be from ensuring our order accuracy rate always exceeds 98% to providing in-house technicians that know the brand inside out.

Arcserve’s software may have advanced but their message has stayed the same – to consistently create backups of your computer so if there is a disaster you can be back up and running in 15 minutes. If there is a disaster you have the option to bring back individual files or whole computers depending on your needs.


Creating a Disaster Recovery plan is essential to any business. The quick recovery and complete backup options allow any New Zealand partner to benefit, from ensuring their customers are secure and protected from all kinds of potential disasters.

Soft Solutions was instrumental in the introduction of the monthly MSP billing model for Arcserve licensing into the New Zealand market, giving customers easy access to technical support whenever needed.

With the new MSP portal, customers also have access to a dynamic billing model that they control, with added features like cloud backup, office 365 backup and much more – all of these features from a single console, making administration extremely easy!

ShadowProtect SPX

Arcserve ShadowProtect SPX software provides backup, disaster recovery and data protection. It provides planned system migration for Microsoft Windows virtual servers, physical servers, desktops, laptops, Linux virtual and physical servers.

Recover files and folders in minutes. Restore failed servers. Use patented VirtualBoot technology to instantly boot a backup image into a virtual machine. ShadowProtect image-based backups arm you with multiple ways to recover.


One Solution for Your Data Protection Needs

ShadowXafe is Arcserve’s new data recovery solution that delivers powerful recovery and workflow-optimized management simplicity. ShadowXafe is easy to deploy and manage, and it ensures secure data protection, less application downtime, and improved productivity.

Recovery Made Simple

  • Agentless and agent-based protection
  • Dependable complete physical and virtual system recovery
  • Boot backup images as virtual machines (VMs) in milliseconds
  • Recover to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments

Management at Scale

  • Context-sensitive, policy-based administration
  • Unified data protection lifecycle management
  • SLA-driven dashboard and analytical reports
  • Seamless VMware integration

Total Business Continuity

  • Tight integration with Arcserve Cloud Services for true one-click DRaaS
  • Policy setup provides DRaaS as an option for 100 percent business continuity
  • Complete, orchestrated one-click failover



OneXafe storage protects your data with continuous immutable snapshots, every 90 seconds. An immutable snapshot is a copy of your data that simply cannot be overwritten or deleted by ransomware or users, because OneXafe and its patented distributed object store prevent that from happening.

You can recover anytime, every time, making OneXafe the most effective protection. Furthermore, OneXafe performs powerful inline deduplication on the continuous snapshots reducing the data footprint. OneXafe is designed for organisations or MSPs storing 7TB+ of data.

OneXafe Solo

OneXafe Solo 300 is a plug-and-play appliance that streams data directly to Arcserve Cloud Services for business continuity. This appliance uses Arcserve’s OneSystem for cloud-based management from anywhere, anytime through any web browser.

SMBs and MSPs can protect single tenant and multi-tenant environments within minutes. To deploy the solution, users can simply power on, then assign Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). There is no limit imposed on the number of machines it supports and backs up VMs, physical servers, desktops and laptops.


OneXafe Appliance


OneXafe appliances offer scale-out file access storage (onto an underlying object store) with a single parallel file system across all instances. There are three models: 4412, 4417 and 5410. Each 4412 appliance can house up to 12 SATA or SAS hard disk drives (HDDs), while the 4417 can take up to 17.

With 12TB drives, that makes for maximum raw capacities of 144TB and 204TB respectively. A 5410 appliance can accommodate up to 10 2.5″ solid-state drives SSDs for a maximum raw capacity of 38TB. Backed up data can be retained on OneXafe hardware or staged off to the cloud, into Arcserve’s disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS).

Soft Solutions and Arcserve

We have highly trained staff with certifications in Arcserve solutions.

Our team works closely with Arcserve to deliver training and seminars all around New Zealand.

Our team provides a one-on-one run through of the MSP dashboard for our customers.

We have local people to assist with any issues in managing the MSP process.

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“Arcserve offers the dependability, versatility, ease of deployment and monitoring that we need to meet our client’s needs.”

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