It’s already been a week since we hosted the free 1-day seminar (IT and operations management) in Auckland and Wellington. Soft Solutions together with ManageEngine would like to thank everyone who attended.

At the end of the day, there was a lot of information shared on the day and you may need some time to process it all.

Ron Pher has written this post to summarise some of the ideas the ManageEngine Team presented so you and anyone who couldn’t attend can easily access it in the future.


operations management

Something about ManageEngine and Soft Solutions…

Established in 2002, is the enterprise IT Management software division of ZOHO Corporation. Soft Solutions has been the trusted distributor for the brand and we have close to 600 happy clients in New Zealand.

ManageEngine PitStop and MEUGNZ

PitStop is where the ManageEngine community go to connect, discuss and share anything and everything around the brand and solutions. It’s a great source of training, events, beta versions, templates and sign up to newsletters.

MEUGNZ is our very own New Zealand ManageEngine user community. We encourage local meetings with peers and have announced we will host a user conference next year.

Session 1 – End-to-end IT management with ServiceDesk Plus

Envision your Service Desk as the control center of IT. Bringing IT together by driving Operations, Device Management, Active Directory Management and Security from ServiceDesk Plus.


Automating user provisioning by taking a request from ServiceDesk Plus, driving:

  • ADManager Plus to create user in AD, Exchange, O365, Google/Skype for Business accounts

  • Deskop Central to provision laptop/desktop, install software, update configuration, fully patch OS and applications

  • Mobile Device Manager to provision, enroll, and handout a mobile device to the user

  • And finally associate the devices provided to the user in Active Directory for tracking

Session 2 – IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITSM is all about managing people, process & technology in an effective and efficient way and it is effective & efficient only when you hit the right balance.

Consider a Twofold approach:

  1. To Rescue – overcome interruption and maintain continuity in services

  2. To Improve – develop IT infrastructure and capability to facilitate business growth

Best Practice Incident Management checklist in SeviceDesk Plus:

  • Automated Ticket Routing using business rules and technician auto assign

  • Quicker Response Times by implementing a knowledge base, SLA notifications and incident templates.

  • Reduce calls and follow-ups by implementing a self-service portal for all staff.

  • SLA Compliance by defining SLA agreements within your business

  • Timely notifications using notification rules and reply templates

  • Reduce Backlog by automating ticket closures, creating dashboards and better backlog reports.

For more best practice checklists for Problem Management, Change Management and Asset Management – contact

Session 3 – IT Operations Management (ITOM)

A survey discussed at the Seminar listed the following Top 5 IT Challenges in 2017

  1. Network Security

  2. Managing Network Changes

  3. Budget Cuts

  4. Unauthorised Changes

  5. Multiple Management Tools

OpManager has focused on simplifying IT Operations Management by developing a single tool that can out-of-the-box offer

  • network monitoring,

  • physical and virtual server monitoring,

  • application monitoring,

  • flow-based bandwidth analysis,

  • firewall log analysis and archiving,

  • configuration and change management and

  • IP address and switch port management

thereby providing all the visibility and control that you need over your network.

We admit this project of combining what is also available as 6+ individual solutions hasn’t been easy. It has taken a few years to have a version which we are satisfied with in terms of performance, stability and scalability.

Last words….

Talk to us if you use any ManageEngine solutions and would like to know how you can get the best use out of them. We received a lot of feedback where customers weren’t aware their existing ManageEngine solutions could deliver all this new functionality. We are always available to ensure the solutions we provide are adding value to your organisation.