5 tips for preventing

Do your ex-employees still have access to your systems, after they leave? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. According to studies, 89% of ex-employees retain access to at least one application at a former job. As a MSP, that leaves your clients’ critical data dangerously exposed. All it takes is one disgruntled worker, to wreak havoc.

SolarWinds highlights such risks MSPs face, with 5 tips for preventing harm after an employee leaves in this infographic. Learn five key tips you can employ, to better protect your business.

Password management software is one of those tips, to address this weakness. PassPortal is one such tool that not only gives your technicians a better way to manage clients’ credentials. It also gives you control, when staff leave. It’s a centralised, cloud-based platform where passwords are stored, searched, changed and easily configured. Curious to find out more? Reach out to swmsp@sofsol.co.nz for further details, or to set up a trial. The 5 tips for preventing harm after an employee leaves will help your business stay prepared.