The biggest ransomware attack to date, WannaCry, used the EternalBlue exploit to infect more than 300,000 victims in over 150 countries. According to the Kaspersky security bulletin 2016, every 40 seconds a company got hit with ransomware and one in five small and medium-sized businesses who paid the ransom never got their data back! After WannaCry and other major ransomware attacks, Ransomware-as-a-service came to the limelight where cybercriminals allowed other hackers to use their ransomware in exchange for a cut of the resulting ransom. This is a great business model for cybercriminals as ransomware is easy to carry out and difficult to protect against. That’s why getting to know these 5 key practices can help prevent ransomware.


Following are 5 key practices that can help you prevent ransomware:
  1. Backup your files – Make sure keep separate versions of your data on two different storage types with at least one offsite
  2. Patch Vulnerabilities – Regularly update your operating system and browsers
  3. Educate end users – Regular training of your employees is important to avoid common ransomware pitfalls such as phishing emails
  4. Employ email filtering – Block malicious executables, spam and phishing emails
  5. Implement an intrusion detection system – Multiple file modifications in a short period of time and evidence of encryption are two informative signs of ransomware. ManageEngine’s DataSecurity Plus makes sure that it shuts down any ransomware attack right at its inception by its automated threat response.

DataSecurity Plus not only detects ransomware attacks, but it also helps you to respond to them. In other words, DataSecurity Plus has a built-in ransomware alert response, which locks down the infected device, thereby stopping the spread of ransomware to network storage or other systems and preventing the attacker from causing any further damage.

Get on top of the 5 key practices to help prevent any ransomware headed your way.

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