With the latest update, partners can enable an end user trial in a hosted environment managed by 3CX. So there’s no need to install the app on either an end user or partner host, if you do not want to invest that time. Once the customer commits, it’s then easy to get them running on your own platform of choice.

If an end user starts their own trial from the 3CX website, they only get the Standard edition. However if a trial is initiated by a partner, using the proof of concept (POC) option allows an upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise editions for up to 60 days. After this, the trial drops back to the Standard edition.

Note for a 3CX-hosted trial to work, you will need SIP trunks from a compatible SIP Trunk / VoIP provider. 2Talk, Lightwire or Ufone are the easiest to set up in New Zealand.

After logging into your portal, simply navigate to the Keys section:

Click on the Create Try license button, to start setting up a trial 3CX key.


Select whether it is a trial for a company or an individual, and make sure the “Hosted by 3CX” option is enabled.


Enter in the trial customer’s contact details and note to be careful to enter the correct email address.  3CX have noted that 3CX Partners deploying trials without correct end customer details will be prevented from creating future trials.  This is important as the email address will be associated with this trial instance, and the email address will be sent details around the trial account.  You can choose to use the “Hosted by 3CX”, or the more traditional hosting options of in the cloud or on premise.  “Hosted by 3CX” does have limitations you should consider, before deployment.


After the trial has been created, you will find it listed under the license keys section in the Keys area of the partner portal.


From here, select the More button and click the “POC” option to enable the proof of concept. You will be greeted with a new screen requesting a couple of additional details.


After entering in the details noting to select the correct number of Channels (Simultaneous Call Count), click the Approve POC Request to convert the trial. Returning to the license keys section, we have the ability to [Deploy to Hosted] to start the process of hosting the key with 3CX.


Note that the free 3CX session border controller (SBC) is required when using the Hosted by 3CX service. The SBC can be installed on any Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi device at the remote customer site, to allow for physical phones to communicate with the Hosted 3CX. To start the deployment process, click the Deploy 3CX button. You will be asked to send a text verification to the mobile phone number entered from setting up the trial key.


After verifying the code that was texted to the mobile number, step 2 will ask for a hostname for the 3CX instance. By default, 3CX will select the closest hosting location, which in our case is NZ. After entering in the hostname, click the Next button.


3CX hosting

Step 3 will ask for the extension digit length for the PBX. Enter in a length that matches your trial call flow and number of extensions (3 digits is our recommendation).


3CX hosting

Step 5 will prompt the 3CX license agreement. After reviewing, click “Accept and Install”.


3CX hosting

After accepting the agreement, 3CX Hosted will step through its automated final setup process.


3CX hosting

On completion, you will be shown the login details for the 3CX Management Console, as well as receive an email confirming the new account with a quick reference guide. Simple!

3CX hosting

The best practise for all trials is via your Partner Portal, so they are linked to your Partner ID. Have you tried the new POC upgrade process yet? Remember the upgraded trial now gives users 60 days to complete their full evaluation. This period of time cannot be extended. When your customer gives the go ahead to order, either request a quote from our team or place your order. Ensure you give us the trial key number, as this can be turned into the live account.  No need to swap out license key numbers. When you receive our confirmation, the order is complete. Simply “Refresh Key” from within the Management Console and you’re good to go. Let us know what you think of the new process!