3CX has released update 6 for 3CX v16. 3CX has always focused on freedom of choice, when it came to where you deployed your 3CX instance. This applies whether it was on premise, or in the cloud. 3CX has introduced new functionality in update 6, that further simplifies this deployment with an option to have a PBX hosted by 3CX themselves.  This reduces the admin work needed by partners to maintain and keep systems up to date. All partners need to do is deploy, and their customers enjoy the benefits of 3CX’s first rate communications solution. Better still, initial free hosting is included.

The new hosted 3CX solution reduces administration complexity. This applies to OS upgrades, networking and system management. 3CX will handle all updates so you don’t have to. There’s simple support of remote locations with their pre-activated instance manager tied to your partner portal. Remote locations are easily set up using 3CX’s free Session Border Controller (SBC). This takes the hassle out of manual firewall port pin holing for remote extensions. 3CX has worked hard with hosting providers, to offer licenses with 1-year free hosting to all customers until the end of Q1 2021.

Along with the usual bug fixes that come with any service pack release, 3CX has released a new template for the Grandstream HT802 ATA unit, and further support for users on Microsoft 365. They have re-engineered the sync mechanism that 3CX uses to enable better synchronisation between users, contacts and calendars.

  • 3CX can now sync with Microsoft 365 email and username.
  • Shared mailbox option allows Microsoft 365 shared contacts to be kept in sync with 3CX Company Phonebook contacts.
  • Option to sync Microsoft 365 users’ “Office phone” field with the extension’s “Outbound Caller ID”.
  • Updated the Microsoft 365 synchronization process to be executed as a batch process and added the ability to set a starting extension number.

Upgrading to the new service pack is simple if you are on Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 or Debian 9 and above. From your Management Console go to the updates section in the top right of the screen, select v16 Update 6 and click “Download Selected” to install the update. The system will download the service pack, restart the services as it applies the changes and then notify the 3CX admin via email when the upgrade has been completed. Simple! We love to hear feedback around new 3CX service packs, let us know if you have any questions!

v16 update 6