As you are no doubt aware, 3CX have recently released v15.5 update 6 of their acclaimed PBX system, and have now undertaken to improve customer experience with major revamps to their Partner Portal and other services they offer. From dropping the 35% additional payment on upgrade fees for perpetual licenses (so all you have to do is pay the difference between the two editions), to changing the way every user with different roles use the Partner Portal, these are a just a few of the ways 3CX is improving their partner experience.


When it comes to the portal you are probably well aware of every user sharing the same password, well that is now no more! Every user in your company can now login with their own email address and password, but the shared password will be used until users reset it to a personal one. The password can be reset here. As every user can now login with their own email address and password, 3CX have included user management to ensure that every user is given the correct permissions for their role. For example, support users can view and create tickets.


To add users simply click on “Users” and select the option “+Add”. An invitation is sent to the user and upon acceptance they are added to your account. If the user does not have an account they will need to create one here. Users can take their certifications by clicking on the “Certification” option.


To add to the improved partner experience, 3CX has created a new Partner Service Team for support – the PST is there as back up and can be reached at, but as always reach out to Soft Solutions, your local NZ Distributor, first.


Below are some of the FAQs that 3CX have received recently:


Where are my NFR license keys?
Your NFR license key is located within the Keys section along with all the license keys which are assigned to your reseller account as well as license keys you own.


How do I generate a free license for a customer?
1. Go to the Keys option and select “Create New License”.
2. Complete the form with the customer information. The customer will not be notified during this process
3. A new license key is generated and is also automatically assigned to your account. The new key will be listed in the “License Keys” table.
4. Avoid downloading directly from the 3CX website without your Partner ID – your customers will be sent local partners’ contact information.


How do I generate a download link to give to my customers?
Each partner has a personal download link which your customers can use to download 3CX. When they do this using the link, the lead will be automatically assigned to your account.
1. To obtain the link go to the “Resources” option in the partner portal.
2. Make note of your partner ID and use it in the following format:, where 123456 should be replaced with your partner ID.
3. Use this link in your email and on your website


How do I change customer details associated with a key?
Only the customer can do this from their account.
1. Ask your customer to login to their account.
2. Go to “Keys” in the left menu and select the license key in question.
3. From here they can change their details. When done click “OK”.


How do I replace a license key in an installation?
At present you can only replace with a commercial key – it’s not possible to enter a free key or an NFR key. Watch this video to see how.
1. Login to the management console
2. Click on “License” in the Information table on the right-hand side of your dashboard.
3. At the top there are four options to choose from. Click on “Replace license key”.
4. A pop up will appear requesting the New license key. Enter it and click on “Replace license key”.


I don’t seem to have access to Support when I login?
1. Verify you have logged in with a user account whose profile has support access. The main account user can edit these rights.
2. Ensure you are not logged into the customer’s portal
3. Finally, ensure that you are still a 3CX Partner entitled to Support – only Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum partners receive free support – if unsure reach out to Soft Solutions.


For any further questions feel free to get in touch with our VoIP Team.




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