If you resell 3CX perpetual licenses you would notice that all licenses come with maintenance, but are you aware of the implications that will occur if the maintenance expires? Maintenance is critical for these licenses and is needed in order for your customer’s phone systems to stay up and running as they need.

After expiration it takes away your opportunity to upgrade to V16 when it’s released this year, as well as access to some key functionalities that keep your PBX running securely and effectively.


Why do you need active maintenance or subscription?

Because without it you will lose all of the following:

  • Critical Security updates
  • PBX Upgrades and Updates – Get the latest versions and service packs of 3CX upon release.
  • 3CX FQDN service – so that mobile clients can continue to function
  • Auto renewal of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for secure connections to and from the PBX
  • Updates and use of the 3CX Smartphone Apps
  • 3CX SMTP Service – to receive missed call and voicemail alerts and meeting notifications
  • 3CX WebMeeting – Web conferencing
  • IP Phone Firmware and Template Updates. Tested and supported by 3CX
  • VoIP Provider Templates Updates and additions

Some of the above functions may be accessible without active maintenance. 3CX reserves the right to revoke any of them at any time without prior warning.


Then what happens? Most of the services that 3CX currently manages for you will have to be self-managed, such as buying and managing your own SSL certificates and FQDN. You will no longer receive firmware, security and interop updates. Also, features like WebMeeting, CRM interops and more will fail. So, in a nutshell, your PBX will not work as it could!

Don’t want perpetual licensing for your customers anymore? 3CX also offers their PBX software as a subscription and give you the opportunity to trade perpetual licenses for subscriptions – contact our sales team for pricing. If you allow a Subscription to expire without renewal it will drop to a 4 Simultaneous Call Standard Subscription at no charge, BUT if you wish to move back to your original subscription product and call count there will be additional charges.

You will get notifications (60, 30 & 7-day warnings) from Soft Solutions, and also 3CX themselves, around upcoming expirations. Now that you know the significance of maintenance, it is important to inform your customers of the key benefits of maintenance renewal so that they don’t lose functionality. If you require further assistance or information, reach out to our 3CX Team here at Soft Solutions and they’ll be happy to assist.


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